When You Should Hire an Estate Planning Attorney

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What’s your take on estate plans? More than 50% of Americans think that estate planning is somewhat important, but only 33% have a will or living trust. The reason? 1 out of 3 thinks they don’t have enough assets to leave behind. That’s simply not the case. Estate plans aren’t just meant for people with sprawling mansions and multiple cars. … Read More

7 Common Estate Planning Mistakes to Steer Clear Of

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Estate planning, as long as done properly, can bring you immense peace of mind. You’ll know for certain that your family, assets, and interests are protected even after you’re gone.  However, this can also go sideways. Whether you decide to create a straightforward will or work with experienced estate planning lawyers in Utah to write out an elaborate trust, you … Read More

Can You Write Your Own Will in Utah?

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If you are wondering if you can write your own will in Utah, you are not alone. Plenty of people ask this question, and for good reason. Everyone should have a will or other estate planning document. You should, too. However, we think it’s important that you understand the benefits of using an estate planning lawyer to write your will. … Read More

What Does a Utah Estate Planning Attorney Do?

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What does a Utah estate planning attorney do? Many people aren’t sure, which is not surprising. “Estate planning” sounds like something extremely wealthy people need. But the truth is, that estate planning includes a variety of legal services that can be useful for most people, particularly families. Read on to learn some of the key things an estate planning lawyer … Read More

What You Need to Know About Probate in Utah

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When a person dies, the state needs a way to transfer the person’s property to their heirs. That process is known as probate in Utah and the rest of the U.S. Probate can be a straightforward and efficient process if the deceased person had an estate plan in place. However, if there was no estate plan or even a will, … Read More

What Age Should You Start Estate Planning?

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What age should you start estate planning in Utah?

Our Utah estate planning attorneys get a lot of questions about things related to estate planning. Do I need a will? Do young families need an estate plan? What age should you start estate planning? We have answered all of these questions many times. But today, we will focus on the last one. What Age Should You Start Estate Planning … Read More

Do Young Families Need a Will in Utah?

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Do young families need a will?

At Henriksen & Henriksen, we offer a full range of estate planning services for young Utah families. Probably the service young families ask us about most is writing a will. In fact, questions about wills are the main questions we hear from young families. Do young families need a will? Yes! We believe that, at the very least, every young … Read More

Benefits of Estate Planning for Young Families

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Starting and growing a family is a full-time job. It’s no wonder that many families don’t start thinking about estate planning until they are well-established. Some only begin considering estate planning well after their kids are grown and gone. As a family-run Utah law firm, we understand the challenges of family life well. But as estate planning attorneys, we encourage … Read More

Henriksen and Henriksen: Utah Attorneys for over 60 years

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Experience matters when it comes to personal injury, family law and divorce, real estate, general litigation, and estate law in Utah. That’s why the legal professionals at Henriksen & Henriksen are proud to be a third-generation owned and operated law firm, helping people and businesses in Salt Lake City, Sandy, Draper, Holladay, Davis County, and the state of Utah with … Read More