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Divorces are never easy – but they don’t have to be painful.

Divorce Lawyers in Utah – Henriksen Law

The decision to end a marriage doesn’t happen lightly. Henriksen Law’s experienced divorce attorneys help Utah spouses protect their best interests and achieve the most beneficial resolutions.
Divorces are never easy – but they don’t have to be painful.

Divorce Lawyers in Utah – Henriksen Law

The decision to end a marriage doesn’t happen lightly. Henriksen Law’s experienced divorce attorneys help Utah spouses protect their best interests and achieve the most beneficial resolutions.
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Budget Friendly

When in need of a divorce lawyer My attorney, Rob, took the time to get to know what was unique about my case while keeping my budget in mind. I was provided with competent and individualized representation during a difficult time in my life.


Fantastic Attorney

Rob is a fantastic attorney. He took my needs into consideration and firmly, professionally, and timely accomplished even more than I thought was possible.
Momma K

Highly recommended!

Henriksen & Henriksen helped my husband through a WC injury case. We ended with a settlement that we were very happy with. I would highly recommend them!

Good Attorney

I had a chance to hire this firm to resolve some of my problems and I can assure you the staff was professional, responded to my requests timely and helped me resolve my issues. Couldn't be any happier and I would recommend to anyone who is looking for good attorney.
J from Sandy, Utah

Helped 100%

This law firm is number one. They really helped me 100%.

Very Responsive!

I found the law firm to be very responsive and professional to my situation, they resolved my legal situation in a very speedy time and manner, I will definitely go back for their assistance in the future. I highly recommend them to anyone needing legal assistance.
CP from Salt Lake City
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    Divorce Attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah

    We’ve been helping spouses achieve reasonable divorce settlements in the Salt Lake City area for more than 60 years. Divorce is one of the most draining experiences a spouse can go through – and it must be handled properly.
    No two divorces are the same. Our goal is to manage the mediation process efficiently and comprehensively to avoid going to court, which is extremely time-consuming and expensive. No matter what your challenges look like, we’ll help you find the best resolution.

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    Grounds for Divorce in Utah

    No-Fault Divorce

    Irreconcilable Differences

    Both spouses agree the marriage cannot be saved due to deep-seated, unresolvable issues.

    Prolonged Separation

    Spouses have been living apart for at least three years under a separation maintenance decree.


    One spouse has abandoned the other for at least one year without a valid reason.


    A spouse has the ability to provide common necessities, but fails to do so.

    Fault-Based Divorce


    One spouse has engaged in sexual relations with someone outside of the marriage.


    Excessive, regular drinking by one spouse has proven to compromise the marriage.

    Felony Conviction

    A divorce is pursued due to one spouse being convicted of a felony.


    A spouse is continuously subjected to mental or physical harm, making a healthy co-living situation impossible.

    Our Areas of

    Expertise in Utah Divorce Cases

    Paternity Action

    Our experienced Utah divorce attorneys help mothers, fathers, and third parties establish legal parent-child relationships and all the rights associated with the declaration.

    Guardianship and Conservatorship

    If an individual is incapable of caring for their assets and personal interests, Henriksen Law works with their legal guardians to take over these responsibilities – managing the entire legal process.

    Child Custody

    We work with parents to establish child custody – whether it’s sole, primary, or joint custody. These rights grant decision-making abilities to parents regarding the child’s best interests. 

    Child Support

    Both parents are obligated to provide appropriate care and support to their children. Our divorce lawyers manage child support cases per Utah law – and find equitable resolutions for all parties involved.  

    Modification of Divorce Decree

    Should circumstances within your divorce change – due to income, relocation, or child care – Henriksen Law helps facilitate appropriate modifications under Utah Law. 

    Protective Orders

    If a former spouse is posing a danger to you or your children, Henricksen Law helps create and file protective orders for your safety. We also help spouses manage protective orders they believe were wrongfully filed against them.

    Contempt Proceedings - Order to Show Cause

    Former spouses are required to adhere to court orders per the final divorce decree. Should the other spouse violate these terms or temporary orders, we’ll help you bring this to the court’s attention.

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    The Divorce Process in Utah

    Step 1


    Every divorce case starts with a meeting. We’ll discuss your situation, goals, and challenges to develop a plan that covers all your bases.

    Step 2

    Residency Requirement

    At least one spouse must have been a resident of the Utah county where the divorce is filed for at least three months. We will confirm this before we begin the process of filing for divorce.

    Step 3

    Filing the Petition

    The Utah divorce process officially begins when one spouse (the petitioner) files a petition for divorce with the district court. This outlines important about the marriage, grounds for divorce, and outlines requests for property division, alimony, child support, and custody, if applicable.

    Step 4

    Serving the Other Spouse

    The petition must be served to the other spouse (the respondent), giving them notice of the divorce action. The respondent has 21 days (if served in Utah) or 30 days (if served outside of Utah) to respond.

    Step 5

    Temporary Orders

    Either spouse can request temporary orders from the court for issues like child custody, child support, alimony, and property distribution while the divorce is pending.

    Step 6

    Mandatory Education Classes

    If the divorce involves children under the age of 18, both parents may be required to attend a divorce education class, which explains the divorce process and alternatives to traditional litigation.

    Step 7


    Utah divorce law requires divorcing couples to participate in at least one mediation session if they cannot agree on all terms of the divorce – in which a neutral third party will help the couple negotiate and reach an agreement.

    Step 8

    Settlement or Trial (if applicable)

    Many divorce cases are resolved through negotiation and mediation, leading to a settlement agreement that both spouses accept. If the spouses cannot reach an agreement, the case will go to trial.

    Step 9

    Divorce Decree

    Once all issues are resolved – via settlement or trial – the court will issue a final divorce decree, legally ending the marriage and specifying the terms.

    Step 10

    Waiting Period

    Utah has a mandatory 30-day waiting period from the date the petition is filed before a judge can finalize the divorce.
    Mediation Attorney Robert Henriksen & Attorney C. Richard Henriksen

    Why Hire a Divorce Lawyer in Utah?

    Utah divorce cases involve many moving parts – and every detail must be handled with no stone left unturned. An experienced divorce attorney will know how to navigate this process efficiently and comprehensively.

    When you hire a divorce attorney, you get:

    A deep understanding of Utah divorce law

    Compassionate, objective legal counsel

    Quick and comprehensive resolutions

    Utah divorce cases can get complicated. Working with an attorney specialized in divorce law is a critical factor in finding an agreement that works for everyone involved.
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