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Putting your family’s best interests first, always.

Utah Family Law Attorneys – Henriksen Law

Divorce, child custody, protective orders, and other areas of family law can be tough on everyone involved.
Henriksen Law works closely with Utah residents to find the most beneficial solutions – and make the process manageable for everyone.
Putting your family’s best interests first, always.

Utah Family Law Attorneys – Henriksen Law

Divorce, child custody, protective orders, and other areas of family law can be tough on everyone involved.
Henriksen Law works closely with Utah residents to find the most beneficial solutions – and make the process manageable for everyone.
Attorney Robert Henriksen
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What Our Clients Say

Budget Friendly

When in need of a divorce lawyer My attorney, Rob, took the time to get to know what was unique about my case while keeping my budget in mind. I was provided with competent and individualized representation during a difficult time in my life.


Fantastic Attorney

Rob is a fantastic attorney. He took my needs into consideration and firmly, professionally, and timely accomplished even more than I thought was possible.
Momma K

Highly recommended!

Henriksen & Henriksen helped my husband through a WC injury case. We ended with a settlement that we were very happy with. I would highly recommend them!

Good Attorney

I had a chance to hire this firm to resolve some of my problems and I can assure you the staff was professional, responded to my requests timely and helped me resolve my issues. Couldn't be any happier and I would recommend to anyone who is looking for good attorney.
J from Sandy, Utah

Helped 100%

This law firm is number one. They really helped me 100%.

Very Responsive!

I found the law firm to be very responsive and professional to my situation, they resolved my legal situation in a very speedy time and manner, I will definitely go back for their assistance in the future. I highly recommend them to anyone needing legal assistance.
CP from Salt Lake City
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    Utah Family Law Firm

    We’ve been providing compassionate family law services in the Salt Lake City area for over 60 years. Our goal with every client is to find the most beneficial arrangement for everyone – especially if children are involved.

    Navigating the court process is very costly and time-consuming. When you hire family lawyers in Utah, we work to resolve issues out of court with legally binding agreements as efficiently as possible.

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    We Provide

    Family Law Services in Utah

    Divorce Law

    Ending a marriage takes a heavy toll. Our family attorneys in Utah works closely with spouses to represent and protect their interests – and provide professional counsel to determine the best resolution for everyone. 

    Paternity Action

    We help Utah families navigate the legal process to establish biological fatherhood – involving custody, visitation rights, and child support obligations.

    Guardianship and Conservatorship

    Guardianship and conservatorship legally appoints an individual to manage personal or financial obligations for another, due to age, disability, or ineptitude. Our firm manages this complicated process for families.

    Child Custody & Support

    The child’s best interests are the most important factor in any custody and support case. Henriksen Law works diligently to ensure the arrangement is fair and provides the most ideal situation for the children involved.


    Transferring parental rights from biological parents to adoptive parents involves several legal obstacles in Utah – we make this legal process easy and efficient.

    Protective Orders

    Victims of domestic violence, stalking, or harassment deserve to feel safe. We work closely with these victims to institute legal protective orders to provide them with peace of mind.

    Modification of Divorce Decree

    There are several reasons to modify the decree of a divorce – changes in child support, custody, alimony, asset distribution, etc. No matter how the circumstances shift, our family law firm helps former spouses keep the terms of the divorce current.

    Contempt Proceedings - Order to Show Cause

    If someone fails to comply with a lawful order per the terms of a divorce decree or temporary order, we help bring these types of violations to light in the courts to protect your rights.

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    How We Handle Family Law Cases: Our Process

    Step 1


    All family law matters at Henriksen Law start with a consultation. We’ll discuss your needs, goals, and challenges to develop a strategy to reach a beneficial resolution.

    Step 2


    Once we have all the details, a family law attorney from Henriksen Law will begin developing the legal strategy from A to Z.

    Step 3

    File Petition

    Family law processes in Utah officially begin when you file a petition – which outline the terms and grounds for divorce or any other family law matter. We manage this for you in accordance with the state’s law.

    Step 4

    Serve Other Party

    Utah family law provides a 21-day period for the party being served to answer the petition. This answer can either agree or dispute the claims made.

    Step 5

    Create Temporary Orders

    Both parties may request temporary orders from the courts while the case is in progress. These commonly involve child custody terms, alimony, and asset possession.

    Step 6


    The discovery phase involves both parties exchanging documentation regarding the terms of the case. This process may include requesting certain documentation or depositions in front of a court reporter.

    Step 7


    Family law in Utah requires both parties to participate in mediation – in which a neutral third party (mediator) works to resolve issues without going to court. We’ll help you manage this process to protect your best interests.

    Step 8


    Most family law cases are resolved outside of court. Our goal is to help you achieve a fair resolution and avoid all the challenges (and expenses) of trial.

    Step 9

    Trial (If Applicable)

    If a resolution cannot be reached, we’ll help you navigate the court system and negotiations to fight for your rights.

    Step 10

    Final Orders

    When a family law case concludes – either outside of court or in trial – the Utah court will issue a final order, legally resolving the case.

    Step 11


    If you choose to modify the court’s order or believe there was a legal mistake, you may file a motion or appeal the decision. Our family law attorneys are here to help you manage this process.
    Mediation Attorney Robert Henriksen & Attorney C. Richard Henriksen

    Why Work with a Family Attorney in Utah?

    Issues involving family law can be emotionally taxing for everyone. Family lawyers work diligently to preserve your well-being and ensure you don’t get taken advantage of throughout negotiations – and court orders are fair.

    When you hire a family law attorney from Henriksen Law, you get:

    A deep understanding of Utah’s family law system

    Objective, rational legal counsel

    Comprehensive resolutions

    Negotiations and mediation in family law can quickly become complex – which may stall for months. A professional family law attorney knows how to navigate the common roadblocks to resolve issues in a timely manner.
    Mediator in Utah
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