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General civil litigation--when you aren't sure what type of legal case you have, but you know you need legal help, a civil litigation attorney at Henriksen & Henriksen is there for you.

In some instances, you may have a legal issue that does not fall into any one category and you are unsure how to proceed. There may be a dispute in which the parties cannot negotiate an agreement. There may be a disagreement on how much money is owed to another individual. It would be helpful to have one of our civil litigation attorneys research this issue to give you the best advice to proceed.

Henriksen Henriksen takes on these types of cases. In fact, most cases we take for individuals fit into this "catch-all" category. We are experienced in the complicated steps and procedures necessary to pursue your claim. So let us do the research, drafting, contacting, and negotiating. We will attempt to settle your case without the expense of the courtroom, but we are also willing to go before the judge to argue for your side and secure a successful result.

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Types of Civil Litigation Cases

From fender-benders to side impacts to road defect damage, we can help with the personal injury and property damages that come from being on the road. We will work with insurance companies, law enforcement, and other parties. Our civil litigation attorneys will guide you through the legal issues as you focus on the most important thing--healing and returning back to your life.

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A civil litigation lawyer specializes in handling civil lawsuits without any criminal angle. An experienced and skilled civil litigation attorney can help you with civil lawsuits, including family law, personal injury, and real estate.

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