Divorce and Family Law in Utah: How Henriksen and Henriksen Can Help

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Utah Family and Divorce Attorney

Legal troubles are difficult for anyone. When they involve matters of family, these issues rise to the level of personal crisis. In psychology and medicine, divorce has long been a known risk factor for heart disease, mental illness, and other major health problems. In addition to destabilizing one’s estate, business, and financial security, divorce strikes at the heart of a person’s life and wellbeing.

As a divorce case progresses, those involved must file court papers, form legal arguments, make appeals, and maintain appearances just to uphold the hope of a positive outcome. All of this must be done while dealing with the intense emotional experience that comes with divorce. It is for this reason that obtaining qualified and experienced legal counsel is so important for anyone dealing with issues of family law.

That’s why the family law attorneys at Henriksen & Henriksen are dedicated to protecting your interests and those of your loved ones in matters of divorce. Whether you have only a few assets or a large marital estate, you need to work with an attorney who knows how to represent your interests with the competence and depth of knowledge that comes with more than 60 years of cumulative legal experience.

Utah Divorce Attorney Divorce Attorney Davis County: Areas of Expertise

  • Paternity: When a child is born, it is important for a parent to establish his or her legal rights. Our team will help parties seeking a declaration of paternity to establish legal child-parent relationships.
  • Guardianship and Conservatorship: It is sometimes necessary to establish guardianship or conservatorship for a child in a state of infancy, incapacity, disability, or minority. Our team will assist you in determining the best course of action for you during this complicated legal process.
  • Custody: Child custody issues can be complex and difficult. Your legal representatives at Henriksen & Henriksen recognize that the parent-child relationship is of utmost importance. The best interests of you and your children are our priority.
  • Child Support: Child support is an important way that parents and the court can assure that the best interests of the child are taken care of. We believe both parents must properly provide for their children while remaining financially stable. We will work to ensure that child support is determined in a way that is fair and equitable.
  • Adoption: Adoption is a complex process and can be difficult for those who are eager to start or extend their family. Because the consequences of termination or adoption are serious and often irreversible, the court proceeds with caution. Strict adherence to procedures is required. The attorneys at Henriksen & Henriksen are here to help.
  • Divorce Decree Modification: Sometimes a decree of divorce must be modified. For this, the court requires evidence of a substantial and material change of circumstances. Your legal representative at Henriksen & Henriksen will ensure that your goals are achieved to the extent possible.
  • Protective Orders: In the state of Utah, you can obtain legal protection from a current or former partner, member of your household, or someone with which you have a child. Our attorneys can help you with this often difficult process to assure that you and your children are protected.
  • Contempt Proceedings: Order to Show Cause: A contempt of court finding may result from a failure to obey a lawful order of the court. Such an action may be based on a final divorce decree, or on temporary orders put in place during the proceedings. Your legal representative at Henriksen & Henriksen will help you to bring such behavior on the part of the opposing party to the court’s attention.

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