How Do I Protect Myself Financially in A Divorce?

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Although Utah has one of the highest percentages of marriages in the US, it also has a high rate of divorce. According to Quote Wizard, divorces in Utah have increased as much as 8% since 2011. If you are also thinking of ending your marriage, you have to be ready for its emotional and financial consequences. While we cannot help with … Read More

Ten Skills That a Top Divorce Attorney Has

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Navigating a divorce is undeniably challenging, no matter how long you’ve been married. Having a good divorce attorney by your side is vital as they simplify the complex and often overwhelming legal proceedings.  A skilled attorney can not only secure your financial future, but also minimize the duration of what can be a prolonged ordeal.  Given the profound impact they … Read More

Mitigation vs. Litigation: Making the Right Choice for Your Divorce

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When you’re about to part ways with your spouse, it might seem like you have a million decisions to make. You must see eye-to-eye on how you’ll handle things like asset division, child support, and more. However, creating a mutually beneficial divorce agreement can be difficult. And if you’re unlucky, things can turn hostile. That’s why it’s crucial to consider … Read More

The Role of Divorce Mediators in Negotiating a Fair Settlement in Utah

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In recent years, both marriage and divorce rates in the U.S. have declined. According to the data released by the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2021, the U.S. divorce rate was 6.9 divorces per 1,000 women. Utah is no exception to this trend. That said, divorce is a challenging and emotional process. Plus, it often involves complex legal, financial, and personal issues. … Read More