8 Things to Consider When Divorcing with a Child in Utah

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If you’re getting a divorce and you have kids, their well-being is probably at the top of your mind. The primary goal of any child custody discussion should be to figure out what’s best for them. As you go through this with your Utah divorce attorney, you’ll face a mix of legal and emotional challenges that need careful thought and … Read More

Who Gets the House in a Divorce in Utah?

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Divorce isn’t just tough on the heart; it’s also a complex tangle of legal decisions and asset division. When couples get divorced in Utah, they don’t always split everything right down the middle. Instead, the courts try to divide things fairly based on what’s best for each person. Many Utah divorces end with one party keeping the family home. Usually, … Read More

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Going Through a Divorce in Utah

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Going through a divorce in Utah can be hard. Although fewer couples are getting divorced now, Utah still has the eighth-highest divorce rate in the United States. The divorce process in Utah is emotionally the most turbulent period in your life. In this emotionally charged process, you are likely to make the mistakes that have plagued many divorcing couples. That’s … Read More

Understanding No-Fault Divorce: What Utah Residents Need to Know

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When you file for divorce, you must state why your marriage is ending in the divorce petition- the ‘grounds’ for divorce. Depending on where you live, you might be able to choose between a fault-based divorce, where you blame the marriage’s end on specific issues, or a ‘no-fault’ divorce.  In Utah, a no-fault divorce lets either partner end the marriage … Read More

Benefits of Hiring a Family Law Attorney in Utah

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Divorce is more common than you think, even in Utah. In fact, Utah has the eighth-highest divorce rate in the United States. That said, getting divorced is never easy. Braving the tumultuous waters of divorce in Utah can feel like trying to steer a ship through a storm without a compass.  That’s where a reputed Utah family law attorney comes in. They can be … Read More

8 Practical Steps to Take After Your Divorce is Final in Utah

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For any Utahan, divorce marks the end of one chapter in your life but also the beginning of a new journey. As a seasoned Utah divorce attorney and your guide through the turbulent waters of divorce processes in Utah, we understand the complexities and challenges that come with turning this page. Unfortunately, 8 to 9% of married Utahans file for divorce every year. Whether amicable … Read More

Divorce and Family Law in Utah: How Henriksen and Henriksen Can Help

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Legal troubles are difficult for anyone. When they involve matters of family, these issues rise to the level of personal crisis. In psychology and medicine, divorce has long been a known risk factor for heart disease, mental illness, and other major health problems. In addition to destabilizing one’s estate, business, and financial security, divorce strikes at the heart of a … Read More

Property Division in Utah Divorces: What You Need to Know

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Divorce is a challenging and emotionally-charged process. One of the most significant aspects that couples must navigate is the division of property.  In Utah, property division in divorce cases is governed by specific laws that aim to ensure a fair and equitable distribution.  As experienced divorce attorneys in Utah , we’re here to provide you with information about property division … Read More

Ten Skills That a Top Divorce Attorney Has

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Navigating a divorce is undeniably challenging, no matter how long you’ve been married. Having a good divorce attorney by your side is vital as they simplify the complex and often overwhelming legal proceedings.  A skilled attorney can not only secure your financial future, but also minimize the duration of what can be a prolonged ordeal.  Given the profound impact they … Read More

Mitigation vs. Litigation: Making the Right Choice for Your Divorce

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When you’re about to part ways with your spouse, it might seem like you have a million decisions to make. You must see eye-to-eye on how you’ll handle things like asset division, child support, and more. However, creating a mutually beneficial divorce agreement can be difficult. And if you’re unlucky, things can turn hostile. That’s why it’s crucial to consider … Read More