8 Practical Steps to Take After Your Divorce is Final in Utah

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For any Utahan, divorce marks the end of one chapter in your life but also the beginning of a new journey. As a seasoned Utah divorce attorney and your guide through the turbulent waters of divorce processes in Utah, we understand the complexities and challenges that come with turning this page.

Unfortunately, 8 to 9% of married Utahans file for divorce every year. Whether amicable or contested, recovering from a divorce is not always easy. But this turning point brings you to a path filled with unlimited possibilities. This is when you embrace the new beginning and put your life together once again.

And we are here to help you in this journey with a comprehensive post-divorce checklist. This list will help you move forward with confidence and clarity. 

Let’s explore the essential legal and emotional milestones ahead.

1. Get a Copy of Your Divorce Decree

The first step in taking command of your new life is to get a certified copy of your divorce decree and review it carefully. Usually, getting this copy marks the end of a divorce case in Utah. But be sure to review your decree carefully. It outlines the terms of your divorce, such as child custody arrangements, visitation rights, child support, and marital property division.

Your Utah divorce attorney will provide you with a certified copy of your divorce decree. However, you can always get more copies if needed from the clerk’s office at the court where your divorce was finalized.

2. Update Your Documents

In most divorce cases in Utah, people change their name to their original surname after the divorce. Don’t worry! It’s not rocket science to update your name on all the legal documents. However, you will need a certified copy of your divorce decree to make these changes. Another option is to get a certificate of name change from the clerk’s office.

So, what documents should you update? 

Start by changing your name on the social security number, bank accounts, credit cards, insurance, and property titles. You will also need to update other legal documents like your will, power of attorney, and beneficiary information.

A competent Utah divorce attorney can help you with this process, especially when updating legal documents like wills, trusts, and property titles. Set up a meeting with your lawyer as soon as possible. The sooner you can straighten legal things out, the faster you can move on with your life.

3. Complete Your Property and Financial Transactions

Marital property division is a key step in all Utah divorce cases, even the non-contested ones. It spells out who gets what after the divorce is complete. Utah divorce laws require an equitable division of marital property. It means fair, which is not necessarily equal.

Be sure all your property transfers are completed and titles updated according to your agreement. You will also need to close your joint accounts and open new ones. This is a critical step in building your financial independence.

4. Get Insured

Another critical factor you will need to consider is your insurance. In Utah, your insurance coverage may change after getting divorced. For example, your ex’s employer-powered insurance will not cover your healthcare as you are no longer married.

As your assets will also change after the divorce, your insurance coverage, like homeowner and car insurance, will also change. That means you need to check your home, car, life, and health insurance as soon as possible. Be sure to talk to your Utah divorce attorney to understand your current insurance coverage and plan accordingly.

5. Think of Your Debts

Like your marital assets, your marital debts will also get divided equitably after a divorce. Whatever debt comes your way, you will need to plan for its prepayment. And as your financial landscape will change after a divorce, your budget must also change.

Track your income and expenses, and set realistic financial goals. Also, regularly review your credit report. It helps you understand your finances and ensures your credit remains intact. This would help you repay your debts quickly and invest in the future for yourself and your kids.

6. Create Your New Parenting Plan

In Utah, 60% of divorced families have underage children. Chances are, children are also a part of your journey after a divorce. In other words, you will need a concrete parenting plan that honors the new child custody arrangements. As a Utah divorce attorney, we always advise our clients to focus on what’s best for the children.

Make sure your parenting plan reflects their needs and schedules. Provide your children as much room for development as possible. After all, if they can cope with the divorce sooner and effectively, your life as a single parent would be back on track earlier and better. So, stay focused on their needs. 

7. Seek Professional Support

No ship sails smoothly without a strong crew. Besides, divorce is probably one of the toughest situations to go through, especially when you’ve been married for a long time. You may not feel like lifting this burden yourself. So, seek out friends, family, or support groups who understand what you are going through.

Remember, it’s okay to ask for professional help. Sometimes, the sea of emotions can be too much to handle. Even friends and family may not be able to help. In such a case, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. You can talk to a therapist or counselor. They can provide the tools to help you and your children weather this storm.

8. Invest in Yourself

Now is the time to rediscover who you are and what makes you happy. Whether picking up a new hobby or returning to an old one, nurture your interests. Find activities, like gardening, painting, or trekking, that bring you joy and satisfaction. 

Engaging in these activities is not just about filling your time. It’s about enriching your soul and setting a new course for your future. And this is something you’ve got to do yourself. While a competent Utah divorce attorney can help with legal issues, regaining your emotional strength is totally in your hands. 

So, stay positive. It will propel you forward, even through the most challenging times. Remember, every step you take is a step towards a new beginning.


Remember, while the divorce process in Utah may have ended, your journey has just begun. With each step, you are not merely moving away from your past, you are moving toward your future. It’s not an overnight journey. We know it will take time to put your life back together. But you can do it with legal help from your attorney and emotional support from your family and friends. Let’s hope this post-divorce checklist will help kickstart your journey.

And as far as legal help is concerned, our doors are always open. As a Utah divorce attorney, we pride ourselves on helping our clients even after the divorce process is complete. Contact us to see how we can help you.