What Does a Utah Estate Planning Attorney Do?

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What does a Utah estate planning attorney do? Many people aren’t sure, which is not surprising. “Estate planning” sounds like something extremely wealthy people need. But the truth is, that estate planning includes a variety of legal services that can be useful for most people, particularly families. Read on to learn some of the key things an estate planning lawyer can do for you that you can’t do on your own.

Why Would You Need a Utah Estate Planning Attorney?

There are a lot of things a Utah estate planning lawyer can do for individuals and families. Some of these include:

1. Write a will that you can depend on.

You may have heard that you can write your own will without a lawyer. That’s technically true. But an experienced estate planning professional can customize your will and make sure it accomplishes your goals. When so much is on the line – like passing on your assets to those you love most – it’s worth hiring a professional.

2. Help you avoid excessive taxes and probate.

Inheritance taxes can eat up a big part of the assets you give to your heirs. And probate can be a grueling, time-consuming, and expensive process. Fortunately, there are often ways to avoid the worst of these through proper planning.

3. Show you how to use the right legal tools for your unique situation.

Everyone has different needs when it comes to estate planning. The last thing you want to try is a one-size-fits-all approach. The best estate plan is one built to meet your needs based on your circumstances. Your estate planning lawyer will examine your situation and recommend what is best for you.

4. Keep your estate plan updated.

It’s very important to update your estate plan periodically, like when laws change or when your circumstances change. An old estate plan is better than none, but it may not do what you want it to do if you haven’t updated it. Your attorney will notify you when it’s time to update your estate plan.

5. Solve problems you didn’t know you had.

The law is complicated. Even when you have a decent grasp of it as a layman, you are never as well-versed as a professional. One of the biggest reasons to hire an estate planning attorney is to get their informed opinion on your situation. They can see all the angles and all the potential pitfalls.

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