7 Reasons You Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer after a Crash

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Motorcycles are an economical mode of transportation. You can ride for miles with a tank full of gas. They are also fast and agile. With a motorcycle, you can get through the traffic like a breeze. But in the end, motorcycles are also notorious for their lack of protection and stability.

Without airbags or seatbelts, motorcycle accidents tend to be fatal. According to the data updated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in September 2021:

  • In 2019, 5,014 motorcyclists died in accidents, accounting for 14% of traffic fatalities.
  • In 2019, an estimated 84,000 riders got injured in motorcycle accidents.

Fatal physical injuries and mental trauma lead to mounting medical bills, missed work, and loss of confidence. Although the law requires insurance companies to honor their policies, it is rarely a straightforward process. If anything, most insurance companies will try to pay as little as possible.

That’s where having a reliable motorcycle accident attorney can help.

Why You Need A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Let’s see why you should hire one.

1. They Know the Law Better than You

Personal injury laws are complex. It’s not your cup of tea to: 

  • Decipher the law
  • See which one applies to your case 
  • Know how much settlement you can get
  • Take the right legal steps 

But a seasoned motorcycle accident lawyer in Utah knows the personal injury law inside out. They also have considerable experience dealing with cases similar to yours. 

They know the practical side of the law, how the legal system works, and how to leverage it to increase your chances of getting a settlement. In short, they will provide you with the best possible legal advice every step of the way.

2. They Will Evaluate the Strength of Your Case

No two motorcycle accidents are the same. In other words, no two motorcycle accident claims can be the same. And seasoned lawyers are well aware of this fact. That’s why the first thing your motorcycle accident attorney will do is evaluate your case.

Most attorneys offer a free consultation. During the free consult, your lawyer will hear about your accident. It helps them understand what happened and what you are going through. They may also answer any questions you might have.

However, your lawyer may charge you for a thorough evaluation of your case. Once they are sure your claim was rejected or downplayed for illegal reasons, they will contact the insurance company on your behalf and start the dialogue.

3. They Will Negotiate on Your Behalf

Dealing with the insurance company is probably the most stressful step in getting the settlement you deserve. Most insurance companies have trained agents and experienced lawyers on their payroll. These agents or lawyers are not your friends. Their goal is to help the insurance company save as much money as possible. So, they will try to trick you into signing a waiver or settle for far less than what you deserve.

A skilled motorcycle accident lawyer knows how to negotiate with insurance companies. They will take over the negotiations on your behalf. They won’t bulk under pressure or fall prey to the tricks insurance companies usually play. So, your chances of getting the compensation you deserve increase significantly when a lawyer negotiates on your behalf.

4. They Will Bring the Lawsuit If Necessary

When it comes to motorcycle accidents, most claims will settle through negotiations. Trials are time-consuming, not to mention expensive. No one wants to go to trial, not even your insurance company.

Sometimes, however, negotiations fail, leaving you no choice but to go to trial. Also, in cases where the settlement exceeds the policy limits, the victim may need to file a lawsuit.

A lawsuit may also come into play if the insurance company rejects your claim outright. Whatever the reasons may be, your motorcycle accident attorney will make sure to prepare your case for the trial. They will see it to the end, helping you at every turn.

5. They Will Do the Legwork for You

Going to trial is no easy feat. It requires an in-depth analysis of your case, a ton of legal paperwork, and a strong understanding of the law. Your motorcycle accident lawyer can help you with all three. They will analyze your case and the evidence, including the police report. They will also talk to the witnesses and get their statements.

Lawyers will prepare the legal paperwork required to file your claim. Your attorney may even get the scene of your accident reconstructed if the situation calls for it. Plus, they will bring in expert witnesses to support your claim.

6. They Will Let You Focus On Your Recovery

As you can see, a reliable motorcycle accident attorney will take the stress and responsibility off your shoulders. They will:

  • Evaluate your case
  • Talk to the insurance company 
  • Try to settle your case 
  • Go to trial and see it through if necessary 

This allows you to focus on your recovery. Motorcycle accidents often cause devastating injuries. Recovering from such injuries while dealing with the insurance company can be a constant and unbearable struggle. You certainly don’t want to put yourself or your loved ones through this ordeal. Your lawyer gives you a chance to recover faster, and better. 

7. They Will Help Maximize Your Settlement

A professional motorcycle accident lawyer has but one thing on his mind, to help you get the best possible compensation. Exactly how much compensation you will get depends on many factors, including your injuries, policy limits, insurance company, evidence, and other circumstances.

However, your attorney will leave no stone unturned to get you the settlement you deserve. You also don’t have to juggle your recovery and the legal process. But most importantly, your chances of getting a higher settlement increase significantly.

In Conclusion

Motorcycle accidents will leave you with devastating injuries. That’s why you will need to seek the highest possible compensation. And only an experienced motorcycle accident attorney can help you with it. Hiring an attorney allows you to settle for a higher amount, bring a lawsuit if necessary, and eliminate the stress of handling the legal process, among other benefits.

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