Maximizing Your Utah Car Accident Settlement

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Maximize your Utah car accident settlement

Car accidents are extreme events that leave everyone involved dazed. The challenges only get more intense when you are injured, especially if your injuries are serious. That’s why it can often be tempting to accept a Utah car accident settlement from an insurance company. You just want to be done with the situation. But we think it is important that you understand what you may be leaving on the table.

It would almost certainly be beneficial for you to speak to our Utah car accident law firm first – here’s why.

Don’t Accept a Utah Car Accident Settlement Without Calling Us First

There are multiple reasons why we encourage you to contact us before saying yes to the settlement:

1. You can probably get a bigger settlement.

As professional negotiators, we understand bargaining well. We can tell you with certainty that insurance companies are also professional negotiators. They come to injured individuals with offers that are only the beginning of a negotiation. Of course, they hope that you will accept their initial offer. But usually, if you ask for more, they will at least consider it. And if you have an attorney negotiating for you, chances are they will have to consider it.

2. The insurance company is not your friend.

Some insurance agents can be friendly and helpful. They can also be compassionate and tell you that they are sorry about what happened to you. But there is a difference between the agent and the company they work for. The agent may want to help you. But the company exists to earn as much profit as possible. The less the company pays out in insurance claims, the more money it makes for shareholders.

In other words, the insurance company’s primary goal is to pay you as little as it can get away with.

3. Our Utah car accident attorneys know how to get more from insurers.

Our personal injury firm has been helping accident victims like you maximize settlements for decades. We know the industry inside and out and we know even more about Utah car accident laws. Insurance companies might argue with an accident victim and try to intimidate them – but they can’t do the same thing to us.

Let Us Help with Your Utah Car Accident Settlement

You might be in pain right now. You might be tired and frustrated. Or, you could just be ready to reach the end of this ordeal. Wherever you are coming from, you can rely on Henriksen & Henriksen to help you achieve your legal goals.

If you are wondering about your options concerning your car accident settlement in Utah, please contact us. Give us a call at (801) 521-4145 or complete our secure online contact form to get in touch with our team. A quick phone call can give you valuable information about what your legal avenues are to maximize your insurance settlement.