Avoiding Utah Motorcycle Accidents this Spring

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Utah motorcycle accidents tend to increase in spring. It might not be that surprising to hear, since riders all know that spring is when you can start breaking out the bike again. But it’s still important to try and avoid motorcycle accidents as much as possible. They can cause substantial injuries, so we encourage everyone to consider our riding tips for spring.

Stopping Utah Motorcycle Accidents – Spring Riding Tips

There are many causes of motorcycle accidents, some that are beyond the control of the rider. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to protect yourself and others.

1. Gear up for all types of weather.

The great thing about spring weather is that it gets warm enough to have an enjoyable ride. The frustrating thing about spring weather is that it can flip on you in an instant. One minute you are riding in sunshine, the next you are in a snowstorm.

Knowledgeable riders in Utah know to wear layers and bring extra gear in their saddlebags. You need gear for just about every weather type in spring, from sun to rain to snow. As long as you are prepared, you can still have a relatively comfortable ride.

2. Do everything you can to be seen.

Increasing your visibility is one of the most important things you can do to avoid Utah motorcycle accidents. Drivers are notorious for not looking carefully for riders. Spring can go from sun to shade quickly, which also makes it harder to see. The more visible you are, the harder you are to miss. You might not be able to account for every careless driver, but you can purposefully increase your chances of being noticed.

Wear bright gear and keep your bike’s lights in good working order.

3. Don’t ride impaired.

Alcohol and riding don’t mix. That can be frustrating when you finally get a chance to hit the road with your friends. It can be tempting to have a few drinks as you travel along the roadways and towns. But it’s best to avoid alcohol if you are getting on your bike. Otherwise, you could get in a serious or even deadly accident.

If you do wind up having a drink, consider calling a friend for a ride home. Or, if it’s available in your area, use a ridesharing app to get a car. The cost of a cab or Uber is much lower than a serious accident.

Helping Riders in Utah Motorcycle Accidents

Our law firm is known for helping riders seriously injured in Utah motorcycle accidents. We are passionate about standing up for your rights and we believe that you deserve the best legal representation you can get.

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