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According to the Utah Department of Public Safety Highway Safety Office, motorcycle accidents in the state were almost 10 times as likely to result in a death than car crashes. Motorcycle crashes can be deadly, which is why we are so passionate about representing riders who were injured through other driver’s negligence. One way we do that is by helping accident victims with their Utah motorcycle accident settlement.

Frequently Asked Questions – Utah Motorcycle Accident Settlement

We talk to a lot of motorcyclists following their accidents. Some of the most common questions we get are about their potential Utah motorcycle accident settlement. These include:

1. Do I need an attorney for my settlement?

You don’t have to hire an attorney to get a settlement. The insurance company will gladly work directly with you – but that’s because they know they can often get away with paying you less. When you get a lawyer involved, the insurance company has to negotiate and that usually leads to a higher payout.

2. Should I try to negotiate for more money?

Yes, you should. Insurance companies need to make as much money as possible – which means paying as little as possible to accident victims. They are going to offer you as little as they think they can get away with.

3. How can I get more money from my settlement?

The best way to maximize your settlement is to hire an attorney. We aren’t just saying that because w are attorneys. As your attorneys, we treat your settlement just like we do your overall accident case. We present the evidence that demonstrates you deserve the maximum payout. If the insurance company says no, we can go further and take legal action on your behalf. That’s why insurers tend to pay more to people with lawyers.

4. Any tips for getting a bigger settlement?

Document everything. Keep track of all your medical bills, travel costs, and other expenses. Equally important, keep track of your condition. Keep a log of your pain levels, your struggles, and anything else related to the accident and your injuries. And stay off of social media. Insurance companies will use your posts against you.

5. Do I have to settle with the insurance company or can I take legal action?

You don’t have to settle. We recommend in most cases that you try to reach an agreement with the insurer. That’s because pursuing a lawsuit in court is time-consuming, expensive, and difficult. It’s much easier to settle. But if that is not an option and your accident was caused by another’s negligence – and we have decided to represent you – we can pursue a lawsuit on your behalf.

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We always advise motorcycle accident victims to contact our firm following an accident. Once we hear your story, we can tell you what options are likely to be best for you. So, if you have been seriously hurt in an accident caused by someone else, please call us!

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