The 6 Most Misunderstood Facts About Motorcycle Accident Attorneys and Claims

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Car or motorcycle crashes are more common than you think. They also lead to fatal injuries, permanent disabilities, and even death. In all, 320 people were killed in crashes on Utah roadways in 2021, including 37 motorcyclists. Like most people, you must’ve been in an accident at some point in your life.

That’s when you would want to talk to a motorcycle accident lawyer. But like many professions, there are many myths about motorcycle accident attorneys and claims. Often resulting from exaggeration and inaccuracy, these myths may prevent injury victims from seeking legal help.  

However, seeking a personal injury claim on your own is NEVER a good idea. It can cost you a better settlement, or worse – no settlement at all.

6 Facts About Motorcycle Accident Lawyers and Claims

To help you seek legal help with a clear mind, we’ve debunked a few myths about motorcycle accident attorneys and claims.

1. Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Are Out for Your Money

It’s a common perception that motorcycle accident attorneys are out for money. Many people also believe that you have to pay your lawyer out of your pocket. And you have to pay all the legal costs upfront. 

That’s NOT true.

Most motorcycle accident attorneys in Utah offer a FREE consultation. The lawyer will tell you if you have a viable case and evaluate your legal options. If you are not happy with your first encounter, you can just walk away – without paying a penny. 

Moreover, many lawyers also work on a CONTINGENCY fee basis. This means your attorney will get paid only after the successful outcome of your case. It’s usually a percentage of your settlement, NEVER all of it. 

This system ensures that anyone can get legal help, and the lawyers work for the best possible outcome. In other words, your chances of winning a better settlement increase. 

2. My Insurance Company Will Take Care of Everything

Utah follows a no-fault system. Under this system, your insurance company will pay for medical expenses and lost income, no matter who caused the accident. 

Unfortunately, insurance companies often like to get away by paying the bare minimum or not a dime, if possible. They are not your friends.

However, when your injuries are fatal/serious, you can file a liability claim against the other driver. You can recover damages even if you are partly at fault. 

But you will need expert guidance to understand how much damages you can recover. In short, you must consult an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible.

3. It’s Going to Be a Long and Drawn Out Legal Battle

If you think your case will take too long to be worthwhile, you are wrong. In fact, only a small percentage of personal injury claims go to trial. Most claims settle well before trial, usually before filing a lawsuit. Plus, a seasoned motorcycle accident lawyer helps speed things up.

Insurance companies are also not too keen to go to trial. Trials are expensive, long, and drawn out. They also lead to bad publicity for the insurance company. Moreover, being risk-averse, insurance companies don’t want to put the fate of a settlement in the hands of an unpredictable jury. 

But you don’t stand a chance of winning a better settlement without a lawyer. Trying to handle things independently without knowing the legal process can backfire. If you miss any deadlines, you could lose your claim. 

Moreover, it is a battle half won when you enter the negotiations with a lawyer. Motorcycle accident attorneys know how to counter the arguments insurance companies make to downplay or reject a settlement. This allows you to get the settlement you deserve.

4. Minor Injuries Don’t Require a Claim

Another common misconception is that minor injuries may not be worth filing a personal injury claim. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Even seemingly minor injuries may require expensive medical treatments down the line.

Let’s say you got out of a motorcycle accident unscathed, except for a minor back pain that you have never had before. This stiff back could result in serious health issues over time. You may need physical therapy, expert pain management, and even surgery, which will cost you a fortune. Worse still, the growing back pain might prevent you from going back to work.

You must report such injuries and get them checked on time. If these injuries are likely to lead to serious health issues in the near future, you will need a better settlement to cover the expenses. 

A professional motorcycle accident lawyer can help you understand what benefits you can claim. They will help you get what you deserve, not a penny less.

5. Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Guarantees Settlement

Motorcycle accident attorneys often try their best to get you the compensation you deserve. But NEVER be under the impression that it guarantees anything. Nevertheless, it does increase your chances of winning a better settlement.

A professional lawyer will always paint a realistic picture. If your claim is not viable, they will clear it in the first meeting. Besides, motorcycle accident claims involve many variables, especially if your injuries are serious.

If the case goes to trial, the outcome is NEVER guaranteed as the jury is often unpredictable. So, if a lawyer guarantees you a win, it’s best to reconsider your options. Remember to always work with an honest and transparent lawyer. 

6. I Can Hire Any Lawyer for a Motorcycle Accident Claim

Just because someone is a lawyer doesn’t mean they can handle a motorcycle accident claim. It is like asking a dentist to check your skin rash. You would need to consult a dermatologist, not a dentist.

Likewise, you would want to hire a lawyer specializing in personal injury law. That too, with enough experience in handling motorcycle accident claims.

Never ask your divorce lawyer to handle your motorcycle accident claim. Fortunately, you can ask the attorney about their specialization during your free consultation. Try to hire a lawyer who has worked on claims similar to yours. Motorcycle accident attorneys with practical experience can represent you competently.

In Conclusion

If you or your loved one has been in a motorcycle accident, you must seek legal help. A skilled motorcycle accident lawyer can determine the viability of your claim. As this decision will make or break the outcome of your personal injury lawsuit, it has to be an informed decision. Hopefully, debunking these common myths about motorcycle accident attorneys and claims will help you make one.

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