How Do Utah Motorcycle Accident Settlements Work?

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If you’re thinking about accepting an insurance company’s settlement offer for your motorcycle accident, we encourage you to take a moment to pause. Although it might be tempting to say “yes” to an offer, especially if it appears to be a substantial amount of money, it’s important to understand your options regarding these settlements. By becoming familiar with how Utah … Read More

Salt Lake City Motorcycle Accidents: Understanding the Common Causes

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The National Safety Council reports that fatalities among motorcycle riders and passengers increased by 11% between 2019 and 2020, while the rate of non-fatal injuries increased by 10% in the same time frame. In fact, statistics from the last 10 years reveal that motorcycle-related deaths have increased by 20% while death rates have increased by 27%. As experienced motorcycle accident … Read More

6 Types of Cases a Civil Litigation Attorney Handles

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When you suffer physical or financial loss from someone else’s actions, the first step is to file a civil lawsuit. While a civil case cannot restore your health, it can entitle you to monetary damages to get back on your feet after an unfortunate incident. Here’s the catch. Civil law can be notoriously complex and fraught with confusion. Unless you … Read More

When You Should Hire an Estate Planning Attorney

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What’s your take on estate plans? More than 50% of Americans think that estate planning is somewhat important, but only 33% have a will or living trust. The reason? 1 out of 3 thinks they don’t have enough assets to leave behind. That’s simply not the case. Estate plans aren’t just meant for people with sprawling mansions and multiple cars. … Read More

When Should You Hire a Child Custody Lawyer?

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It is every parent’s duty to put their children’s well-being, safety, and best interest above all else. However, this isn’t always simple, and can become even more complicated when the parents are separated.  Apart from the usual stress, divorced parents may face different situations that could require intervention from a child custody lawyer. Issues such as child support, visitation schedules, … Read More

What to Do When Your Uber/Lyft Gets into an Accident in Utah

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Ridesharing has exploded in popularity, especially as things get back to normal gradually. Uber and Lyft are two leading service providers in the US. As of May 2022, Uber was the leading rideshare company with a 78% market share, while Lyft was the second most popular service provider with a share of 28%. While convenience is unbeatable, rideshare accident accidents are … Read More

Everything You Need to Know about General Litigation

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Often, people who have suffered harm at the hands of others wonder if they can take legal action to obtain justice and compensation. However, the law can be confusing and you might have a tough time determining as to which category your case falls under. Neither party may be able to negotiate an agreement, leading to disagreements over how much … Read More

7 Common Estate Planning Mistakes to Steer Clear Of

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Estate planning, as long as done properly, can bring you immense peace of mind. You’ll know for certain that your family, assets, and interests are protected even after you’re gone.  However, this can also go sideways. Whether you decide to create a straightforward will or work with experienced estate planning lawyers in Utah to write out an elaborate trust, you … Read More