Key Reasons for Trucking Accidents During the Holidays

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Why trucking accidents happen during the holidays.

The holidays are supposed to be a time of good cheer and celebration. But for some unfortunate drivers out there, trucking accidents can ruin the season and often leave them with catastrophic injuries. Utah truck accidents happen too often during December, and there are some key reasons why this is the case.

Holiday Trucking Accidents in Utah – Why Do They Happen?

There are many reasons why trucking accidents happen – but certain reasons are more common, especially during the holidays. They include:

1. The hectic pace of deliveries can lead to poor truck maintenance.

It happens in most industries. When the pressure is on, some companies choose to cut corners instead of doing things right – which can be extremely dangerous in the trucking industry. Poor maintenance can lead to trucking accidents.

Some companies skip maintenance to save money. Others do it to save time. Whatever their reasons, if trucking companies fail to keep large commercial trucks maintained it can result in deadly crashes. Yet, even with those risks, some businesses send out trucks with bad breaks, lack of safety gear, or other dangerous liabilities.

2. Trucker fatigue is at its highest during the holiday delivery season.

All of the gifts and food we love on the holidays have to be delivered by someone. That’s where truck drivers come in. They put in excessive hours on the road to get the goods to our stores. Sometimes, that can have dangerous outcomes.

Any driver will start to perform poorly – including driving dangerously – if they are experiencing enough fatigue. Truck drivers are the same. When they get too tired, they can make bad decisions that lead to trucking accidents.

3. When truck drivers need to perform, they may reach for drugs that impair judgment.

Many truck drivers’ drug of choice is stimulants. Drugs like methamphetamines can make truckers feel more alert and allow them to stay up and do their job. Unfortunately, stimulants can backfire and leave drivers worse off than before. Studies have shown that using these drugs can lead to accidents.

If truck driver needs to meet the extreme demands of the holiday delivery season, they might choose to use stimulants. When that happens, it can make the driver more dangerous and more likely to cause a serious trucking accident.

We Represent Victims of Trucking Accidents

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