Avoid Utah Trucking Accidents in Ice and Snow

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Avoid Utah trucking accidents on ice and snow.

Ice and snow are arguably the worst weather to drive in – and that fact is true for truck drivers as well. When you are forced to share the road with a commercial truck when the roads are icy, it’s vital to practice defensive driving. Utah trucking accidents are extremely common in icy and snowy conditions. Read on to learn how to avoid them.

How to Avoid Utah Trucking Accidents Caused by Ice and Snow

1. Stay off the road when conditions are bad.

The single most effective thing you can do to avoid Utah trucking accidents in winter is to avoid driving in heavy ice and snow. Of course, it’s icy and snowy in our state for much of the winter. You can’t always avoid driving in winter weather. But if the road conditions are severe and you don’t “have” to be somewhere, seriously consider waiting for better conditions.

2. Give trucks as much room as possible.

Navigating traffic can be challenging. Sometimes you might find yourself getting closer to trucks than you think you should. In ice and snow, though, it’s important to be extra cautious and keep space between you and commercial trucks. These larger vehicles already take much longer and further to stop. In ice and snow, they will need even more room to come to a stop.

3. Never pass on the right to prevent Utah trucking accidents.

You should avoid passing on the right side of commercial trucks in general. But when driving conditions are bad – like in low visibility, or on slippery roads – you should be particularly cautious. Truckers already have large blind spots on the right. They can easily miss seeing your vehicle and change into the right lane while you are next to them. Utah trucking accidents often result from passing on the right.

4. Only pass on the left when it’s safe to do so.

You need to go faster than the truck to pass – but go too fast and you could lose control. It’s best to wait until a relatively straight stretch of road to pass in ice and snow. That way, you don’t speed up into a curve and lose control, which happens often in Utah trucking accidents.

5. Keep your lights on.

One of the big problems for truckers in icy and snowy conditions is their difficulty seeing passenger cars. It can become especially hard if visibility is low. Keep your headlights on while driving so truck drivers are more likely to notice you are there.

Helping Victims of Utah Trucking Accidents

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