Liability for Trucking Accidents in Utah

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Reasons for trucking accidents in Utah

Commercial trucking is a massive industry that includes many different businesses. An important aspect of personal injury cases concerning trucking accidents in Utah is determining liable parties. It is common to assume that truck drivers are responsible for trucking accidents. They sometimes are – but there can be other contributing parties. Let’s look at some of the most common parties liable for trucking accidents.

Determining Responsibility for Trucking Accidents in Utah

If you asked the average person who caused trucking accidents, most would respond that they think the driver was responsible. It’s a reasonable answer. Vehicle drivers, including commercial truck drivers, are often primarily responsible for accidents. However, there can be other parties that cause or contribute to such accidents. Some of these include:

1. Trucking Companies

Like any industry, the trucking industry includes businesses that are willing to cut corners and treat employees badly. In trucking, companies may overwork drivers, avoid safety inspections, refuse to pay for maintenance, and so on. If a trucking company forces drivers to work past the point of safety, for example, the driver will be more prone to mistakes. As a result, the driver could make a mistake that leads to a devastating trucking accident.

2. Truck Owners

Commercial trucks are expensive. Many drivers use trucks owned by other companies. These companies may or may not perform the required maintenance for those trucks. For instance, a truck owner could put off making repairs that are important for safety. If the driver gets in an accident due to the missed repairs, the court could find the truck owner liable.

3. Cargo Companies

Hauling cargo can be dangerous, which is why there are regulations regarding cargo loading. Companies that load cargo onto commercial trucks are required to follow these regulations. But some companies fail to meet those requirements. If a cargo company doesn’t secure a load properly, the court could consider that negligence.

4. Truck Manufacturers

You may have received a notification in the mail about a recall on your vehicle. Occasionally, manufacturers make a mistake and it causes a vehicle to be more dangerous. Commercial truck manufacturers are no exception. Utah courts can hold manufacturers responsible for trucking accidents if they produce unsafe vehicles that contribute to accidents.

Helping Victims of Trucking Accidents in Utah

Our family law firm helps trucking accident victims throughout Utah. One of the ways we help is to investigate accidents and find out who is responsible. If you are injured after a trucking accident, we would like to hear your story. We may be able to help with your case and identify all liable parties.

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