Avoiding Utah Truck Accidents in Winter

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Avoid Utah truck accidents this winter

Given how dangerous trucking accidents in Utah can be, avoiding them is always important. Unfortunately, winter weather can make such accidents more likely. That is why we encourage our clients to be especially careful when driving each winter. Read on to learn some of the most important tips for avoiding Utah truck accidents

Tips for Avoiding Utah Truck Accidents this Winter

1. Educate yourself on truckers’ blind spots.

Truck drivers have several significant blind spots – much bigger than the blind spots around your vehicle when you are driving. Take the time to learn where those blind spots are and strive to avoid them. Directly in front, directly behind, and along each side of the truck and trailer are difficult or impossible to see when driving a truck. The right side of the truck is particularly bad in this regard. That’s why you never pass a truck on the right.

2. Pass as quickly as the speed limit and weather will allow.

Driving directly alongside a commercial truck is one of the most dangerous areas you can be in. These vehicles have substantial blind spots on each side and cannot see you. If the driver swerves on ice or snow – or has to switch into your lane suddenly – they could easily hit you.

3. Give trucks plenty of room, especially in bad weather.

Every vehicle takes longer to stop in the snow and ice. But the bigger the vehicle is, the longer it takes it to stop. Commercial trucks with trailers already take a long time to stop. In snow or ice, they can travel hundreds of feet further before they come to a stop.

To ensure you are not anywhere in their stopping zones, stay a good distance from commercial trucks.

4. Don’t try to force your way in front of a truck in traffic.

Trucks will often leave a car’s length between themselves and the vehicle in front even in stop-and-go traffic. That’s because it takes a long time for them to stop. It can be tempting to try to squeeze into those spots when you are merging, but be careful. Especially if it is snowing or icy, seriously consider waiting to merge behind the truck.

5. Strive to avoid road rage.

Truck drivers are not always courteous. Sometimes they are extremely rude and at times they are even dangerous. That being said, they are still driving a vehicle many times the size and weight of your vehicle. No matter what they do, avoid giving into anger and acting out in aggression – and definitely avoid doing so in snowy or icy conditions. In a fight between a passenger vehicle end a commercial truck, the passenger vehicle always loses. Far too many Utah truck accidents are caused by road rage.

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