What Information Will My Attorney Need For My Case?

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Henriksen Law Attorney's Robert Henriksen and Keith Johnson

New clients often ask what documents and other information an Attorney will need at the outset of their case.  The general answer is anything that may be helpful or relevant to your matter should be reviewed by your attorney.  The specific answer concerning what documents to obtain at the outset of your case depends on what type of case you have.

In general, your attorney will ask for certain basic information in all cases such as your: name, phone number, email address, physical address, a chronology of relevant facts giving rise to your matter, lists of potential witnesses, photographs or video evidence, and all important documents.

Personal Injury

For injury cases, your attorney will need; your relevant medical records and bills, any police reports, statement from witnesses, evidence concerning the scene of the incident, information about how your injury has impacted your life, your work history and your insurance information.

Family Law

For family law cases, including divorce, your attorney will need; any existing order or decree on the matter, more detailed personal information about your marriage and family, financial information concerning your income, bills, assets, marital home, and obligations.

Real Property Cases

For cases involving real property, your attorney will need copies of any, deeds, agreements or leases, value information or appraisals, lien or encumbrances and tax information.

Elder Law Including Probate or Estate Planning

For elder law and cases involving probate or an estate plan your attorney will need any; will, trust, death certificate, property deeds, asset information and some information about the family.

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