How to Prepare for Your First Consultation with a Family Law Attorney in Utah

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Whether you are one of the 3.3% of Utah couples getting divorced or a couple planning to adopt, you should hire a competent, reliable Utah family law attorney. A seasoned lawyer will help you navigate the legal system without feeling overwhelmed and save you from making mistakes that might have long-term consequences. Finding the right family law lawyer in Utah … Read More

How Utah Family Law Attorneys Simplify the Adoption Process

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adoption mother and her adopted child in utah

Adoption is a journey filled with love and excitement. Every day, many families open their hearts to a new life. But this exciting journey can get lost in federal and state regulations, mountains of paperwork, and filing deadlines.  Handling the legal aspect of adoption is a daunting task. And like other states, legal paperwork is a necessary part of the … Read More

What Information Will My Attorney Need For My Case?

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New clients often ask what documents and other information an Attorney will need at the outset of their case.  The general answer is anything that may be helpful or relevant to your matter should be reviewed by your attorney.  The specific answer concerning what documents to obtain at the outset of your case depends on what type of case you … Read More