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Winter motorcycles accident attorneys Utah

If you have been riding for long at all, you are well aware of how important it is to practice smart riding habits for motorcycle safety. At Henriksen & Henriksen, we are serious advocates of motorcycle safety, which is why we want to offer a reminder for the holidays about motorcycle safety. Riding in Utah during the holidays can be amazing – if the weather is right – but you need to be careful and be aware of some of the risks specific to this time of year. 

Holiday Motorcycle Safety in Utah – Things to Think About

1. The road conditions can surprise you. 

Weather can shift quickly here in Utah. Just because you wake up to clear skies and dry roads doesn’t mean things will stay that way. When you go out riding, be sure to check the weather and be cautious. Snow and ice can pop up suddenly. Black ice can hide right until the point you are laid down on the road. You really cannot be too cautious about road conditions right now. 

2. Stay sober when riding. 

Every rider with any experience knows that alcohol and motorcycles don’t mix well. You need your wits about you to stay safe on a motorcycle and any alcohol will dim those abilities – even if you don’t realize it. The holidays are a time for celebration and you and your loved ones might be looking forward to drinking that nice bottle of wine you’ve been saving. Just remember, if you do imbibe, save the ride for another day. 

3. Only ride when you can maintain relative calm. 

Safe riding requires your full attention and the ability to make snap judgments reliably. Alcohol is not the only thing that can inhibit these abilities. You should avoid riding when you are angry because it can mess with your ability to measure risk. Remember, feeling on top of the world can also get in the way of seeing things clearly and therefore also inhibit your ability to ride safely. 

The holidays are filled with upsetting times and joyous times. Just be aware of where your mind is at before you hop on your bike. 

4. Make sure everyone on the road can see you. 

Utah can have some wonderfully bright, sunny winter days. But when conditions change, such as if it gets cloudy or starts snowing, visibility can go down considerably. Be prepared for this by making sure you are highly visible on your motorcycle. Bright colors and working lights are a great way to be seen. 

Your Utah Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Utah is a great place to ride. Even in the dead of winter, with the right gear you can have an amazing time on your bike if the weather is right. But accidents do happen. If you have been in a Utah motorcycle accident, we urge you to contact our firm. Let us help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. 

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