Main Causes of Winter Auto Accidents in Utah

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Causes of auto accidents in winter.

Everyone knows that driving in winter can be hazardous. But what exactly are the biggest reasons for winter auto accidents in Utah? Some might be obvious, some not so much. Let’s take a look at some of the main causes of car accidents in our state.

Top Reasons for Winter Auto Accidents in Utah

1. Ice and snow

Ice and snow are conditions that make driving challenging for everyone. Even those with four-wheel drive, snow tires, and other advantages can still struggle to drive if the conditions are bad enough. And for everyone else – drivers that can’t afford to have specialized winter driving gear – ice and snow often make road travel dangerous.

When it’s too icy or snowy to drive safely, you should seriously consider staying off the roads. Otherwise, you could get in a car accident and hurt yourself and/or others.

2. Poorly maintained vehicle

Lack of maintenance can become a major problem in winter weather. For example, if a driver has bald tires and hits the road in ice and snow, it can present a serious hazard. Bad tires can send a car all over the road when the conditions get slippery.

Other maintenance issues can be dangerous as well, like burnt-out headlights and signal lights, broken defrost settings, and suspension issues. Cars need to be operating exactly as intended to handle bad driving conditions.

3. Loss of visibility

Everyone knows ice and snow can make driving slippery and dangerous. But low visibility is just as big of a culprit for winter auto accidents in Utah. You need to be able to see to protect yourself and others on the road. When you lose that ability, it can be extremely hazardous.

Winter weather can bring fog, white-out conditions, and iced-over windshields. Once you stop being able to see, it’s necessary to slow down to an appropriate speed. Unfortunately, some drivers go faster than the conditions allow for and hit other cars in the process.

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