How a Car Accident Attorney Can Help with Your Claim

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Being in a car accident can be extremely stressful. Apart from experiencing pain and confusion, you have to deal with piling medical expenses.

On top of that, realizing that you may not be able to return to work for weeks or even months, can make you more insecure about your future. Amid all of this, the last thing you want is the stress of fighting your wrongdoers to seek financial compensation.

This is where a car accident attorney comes into the picture. They use their experience and expertise to help you file your legal claim in a court of law and pursue justice and fair compensation. This can go a long way in enabling you to get your life back on track.

5 Ways Car Accident Attorney Can Help You with Legal Claim

Let’s find out how your Utah car accident attorney can help you with your legal claim.

1. They Investigate the Crash and Gather Evidence

Your recollection of what happened before, during, and after the car accident is crucial to your claim. However, car crashes happen suddenly and can leave most drivers and passengers in the vehicles disoriented.

A good car accident lawyer understands the importance of gathering the right kind of evidence to prove what happened, how it happened, and who is at fault. Establishing liability can make you eligible for receiving financial compensation that covers your damages.

This means, your auto accident attorney needs to produce enough incriminating evidence to secure a favorable verdict. The evidence collected should also be strong enough to convince the insurance company of the at-fault party that you deserve to be fairly compensated.  

To try and understand what happened and establish liability, your car accident attorney will investigate the accident. This means:

  • Taking photographs of the accident site and the surrounding area soon after the crash
  • Taking multiple photos of the vehicles involved and the damage is done to help prove the cause of the collision
  • Procuring copies of reports by the police, as well as fire and ambulance services, if necessary
  • Recording observations made by the emergency personnel at the accident site to strengthen your claim
  • Obtaining statements from eyewitnesses
  • Interviewing owners of homes or businesses near the crash site, and obtaining videos of the accident if they have surveillance cameras
  • Speaking with healthcare providers and obtaining medical records related to your treatment. This valuable evidence will prove the extent and severity of your injuries, as well as the prognosis for your recovery.

2. They Calculate Your Future Medical Costs and Other Damages

Before approaching the insurance company, or filing a car accident claim, you should know exactly how much money you need from the settlement or court award. The amount you seek should cover specific itemized expenses. Some key costs include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Medical costs
  • Lost incomes and wages
  • Property damage
  • Future care expenses

Depending on the unique facts of your case, your Utah car accident lawyer will prepare a list of the damages along with their value. Of course, only a seasoned auto accident attorney will know how to value your losses and arrive at a suitable settlement figure. They’ll work with the aim of maximizing the compensation owed to you.

3. They Communicate with the Insurance Agency

If you’ve filed an insurance claim before, you probably know just how complex and taxing the process is. Hence, it’s better to let a lawyer communicate with the insurance agency on your behalf.

A qualified car accident lawyer will have your best interest at heart and will work to streamline the process. This will ensure that your matter is handled with promptness and efficiency.

It’s best to have your auto accident attorney initiate a dialogue with you as well as the other party’s insurance company. This will prevent you from making mistakes when talking to the other party’s insurers.

4. They Aggressively Negotiate a Fair Settlement

When the other party’s insurance agency understands that you’re being represented by an experienced car accident attorney, they’ll take your matter seriously from the get-go. They know that your lawyer will not hesitate in taking the case to court if a fair settlement isn’t awarded.

It’s no secret that insurance companies want to minimize or even deny your claim if they can. For this, they may try to trick you into giving a statement about your injuries and damages. Your lawyer can prevent this from happening. And while your auto accident lawyer handles your claim, you can focus on getting the medical care needed to recover from your injuries.

Your lawyer will study the jury verdicts and settlements awarded in car accident cases similar to yours, and take into consideration the extent of your injuries and prognosis for recovery when estimating the value of your claim. They’ll also furnish relevant evidence that supports your claim to stop the insurance adjuster from downplaying your injuries or twisting the case facts.

Some of the insurance-related matters your car accident attorney will tackle include:

  • Sending a written notice of your claim for damages to the liable parties for causing the car crash, with the demand that they inform their insurance companies about your claim
  • Helping you notify your own insurance company so they can begin fulfilling the terms of your insurance policy
  • Communicating with the insurance company of the other party, and preventing the adjuster from attempting to trick you into settling for a low amount
  • Negotiating with the insurance companies to obtain a favorable settlement

5. File a Lawsuit and Represent You in Court

When adjusters refuse to negotiate in good faith, your car accident lawyer may recommend that you file a lawsuit, which can prove to be a turning point in your case.

To take the matter forward, your auto accident attorney will prepare the necessary paperwork. They’ll start by drafting a document for summons and complaint to notify the opposite party of the lawsuit, and demand that they respond within the timeframe specified by the law.

This is followed by the Discovery stage, which involves interrogations, exchange of information and evidence, production of documents, and depositions by both parties.

Before going to trial, your car accident case may have to go through either mediation or arbitration. In mediation, both parties sit together and reach a mutually-agreeable settlement. It is led by an impartial mediator. Arbitration takes place with an impartial arbitrator, who considers the evidence presented and decides the outcome of the case.

When your case goes to trial, your Utah car accident lawyer should be able to present evidence in a way that convinces the judge or jury of your claim. Only then will they rule in your favor and award any damages.

Wrap Up

When another driver’s negligence or wrongdoing causes you to sustain severe injuries or lose a loved one, a car accident lawyer becomes a guiding light and a reliable ally who can fight to protect your rights. By hiring an experienced auto accident lawyer, you can greatly increase your chances of obtaining justice and fair compensation. In fact, working with a skilled car accident attorney in Utah could be the difference between winning an outcome that’s positive and one that’s regrettable.

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