Avoiding a Utah Motorcycle Accident by Increasing Visibility

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Motorcycle Safety tips for Utahns

Because motorcycle accidents can be so dangerous – even deadly – it is imperative to do everything you can to avoid getting into an accident. Fortunately, there is one aspect of riding that you can focus on that will significantly increase your safety – visibility.

Avoiding a Utah Motorcycle Accident through High Visibility

In 2019, 48 motorcycle riders were killed on Utah highways. The statistics are not available for 2020 yet. However, it’s reasonable to assume that multiple riders died on our state’s highways once again. One fatal accident is one too many, which is why our Utah motorcycle accident attorneys are so committed to sharing motorcycle safety information.

Research shows that increasing motorcyclist visibility – being more easily seen by drivers – is a reliable way to help reduce motorcycle accidents. Here are some ways you can increase your visibility when riding:

1. Choose fluorescent and/or reflective gear and clothing.

There is no denying the appeal of black riding gear and apparel, but sometimes you have to sacrifice style for safety. A study demonstrated that wearing fluorescent or reflective gear leads to a 37 percent reduction in crash risk for motorcyclists.

2. Wear a white, fluorescent, or brightly colored helmet.

The same study mentioned above found that wearing a white helmet reduced accident risk by 24 percent. It may seem remarkable that such a small change could lead to such a dramatic outcome, but remember that your helmet is quite noticeable, both due to its size and where it sits so far above your bike.

3. Communicate with your horn.

When you think of ways to stand out to drivers, your horn may not be at the top of the list. That’s understandable. Both motorcyclists and drivers tend to think of their horns as something to be used only in an emergency or when angry. But horns can be surprisingly effective for attracting notice to you and your bike. A few honks of your horn can alert drivers to your presence. It can let people know you are rounding a blind corner, for example.

4. Tap your brakes when someone is behind you.

Drivers will often struggle to place constant light sources, like your taillights. It can be difficult to tell how far away taillights are and what kind of vehicle they belong to. You can tap your brake lights to remind drivers you are there. It can also help them gauge their distance from you and your bike.

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