Why You Need a Utah Slip and Fall Attorney

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Why you need a Utah slip and fall attorney.

When a person slips and falls on a hard surface, they can suffer serious and sometimes fatal injuries. It’s nothing like a slapstick comedy. Because you are reading this, chances are you know the severity of slip and fall injuries first-hand. If you slipped and fell at a business or other organization and you believe the owner was negligent, it’s important that you speak to a Utah slip and fall attorney.

Utah Slip and Fall Attorney – Why You Need One

Our firm has represented a wide variety of personal injury clients. Here are some of the main reasons we believe you should speak to our Utah slip and fall attorneys.

1. The other side will definitely have attorneys.

When you file a lawsuit against a negligible business, that typically means going up against the insurer of the business. The vast majority of businesses have liability insurance to protect them against such lawsuits. Every insurance company has attorneys to protect its interests.

Since you are trying to prove your case to the court – the fact that your injuries resulted from their negligence – you want to have someone on your side that’s up to the challenge. That’s us.

2. They are likely to offer you a settlement that’s lower than you deserve.

If the insurance company believes that your accident warrants compensation, it will try to settle with you. Most of the time, that means offering you as small of a sum as it believes that you will accept. Chances are, you could get more compensation for your injuries.

A good Utah slip and fall attorney will be able to tell you if the settlement is fair or not. If it’s not, they can negotiate for a better offer. And if the insurance company refuses to cooperate and treat you right, your attorney can take them to court.

3. You need time to focus on healing – not legal issues.

Our team has seen enough slip and fall injuries to know how damaging they can be. You are probably in pain and need time to heal. The last thing you should have to focus on is fighting with an insurance company and its army of lawyers.

When we take a case, we do the heavy lifting. Our professionals take care of all the details so that you can pay attention to your health and your family.

Let Our Utah Slip and Fall Attorney Help

If you or someone you care for is struggling with serious injuries caused by a slip and fall accident, we want to hear your story. Depending on the circumstances – like if the property owner or business was negligent – we may be able to file a case on your behalf. And once we take your case, we will fight passionately to make sure you are treated fairly.

Please call us today at (801) 521-4145 or fill out our free consultation form. Once we have your information, we can get in touch with you and help you determine your next steps. We look forward to speaking with you.