Should Home Sellers Hire a Utah Real Estate Attorney?

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When to hire a Utah real estate attorney

Now is a lucrative time to sell a home in Utah, but there are plenty of things you need to consider. Should you hire a real estate agent? How much should you sell the home for? Are there any legal issues you should be concerned about? While we can’t answer the first two questions, the law firm of Henriksen & Henriksen is well-equipped to answer the last one. If you have any questions or concerns about legal matters related to selling your home, we have a Utah real estate attorney who can help!

Utah Real Estate Attorney – Should You Hire One?

A Utah real estate attorney is not a real estate agent. As you probably guessed, a real estate attorney focuses on legal matters related to real estate. To sell a home in Utah, you will likely follow a standardized process. The sale contract is usually a template that the agent will fill in with the specific details. This standardization often avoids the need for an attorney. However, there are times when you need a good lawyer who understands Utah real estate. These include:

1. Are you worried about the contract you are signing?

Contracts are legally binding documents, which is why we always encourage individuals who are considering signing a contract to talk to an attorney. Lawyers write real estate contracts in legal language. These contracts are long, complicated, and are not easy to read unless you have legal training. If you are concerned about the contents of a contract, you have the right to review that contract with an attorney.

2. Is your real estate agent making promises you are not sure you can trust?

Most real estate agents are honest, helpful professionals. Unfortunately, some agents are not trustworthy. It’s always a good idea to interview multiple real estate agents and pick one with good references. But even with a great interview and the right references, it’s possible you could wind up with someone who you shouldn’t trust.

If your agent is telling you things that don’t sound right – such as that you don’t have to tell buyers about major defects in your property – it’s always worth asking a legal professional for verification. A quick phone call to our Utah real estate attorneys can clear up many questions and save you serious headaches down the line.

3. Does the sale require unusual or complex financial transactions?

Selling a standard single-family home often doesn’t require a lawyer. But if you are trying to conduct an unusual or complex sale, such as selling a multi-family property or a commercial property, it could be helpful to talk to an attorney. The more money there is at stake, the more likely an attorney can provide peace of mind.

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