Representing Yourself In A Legal Matter Is Usually A Bad Idea

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Self Representation Law

The attorneys at Henriksen & Henriksen often encounter questions or situations concerning individuals representing themselves in legal matters instead of hiring an attorney. You may have heard the adage attributed to Abraham Lincoln that a person “who represents himself in court has a fool for a client.” It has been our experience that people who hire an attorney get better results in their matter regardless of case type.  This holds true whether it be a divorce action, injury case, estate plan, property transfer, eviction, contract review, etc.

Less Time and Cost

Our attorneys have far too often been hired on matters at a stage where prior representation would have made a significant difference.  People who attempt to handle legal matters on their own often make unforeseen mistakes that absolutely require the help of an experienced attorney to correct later.  The motivation for handling a case without representation is often expressed as a concern over cost or delay.  Generally, retaining counsel at the outset of a legal matter reduces the time and cost to reach a just resolution and significantly reduces the chances of a matter remaining unresolved due to error.

We have often been consulted on matters where a party originally represented herself/himself to start, or even complete, their divorce but needed the help of an attorney to fix or change the documents they previously had submitted at a later date. We usually recommend that people hire counsel to help them with legal matters, even if they do not choose to hire our firm. 

Experience the Difference for Yourself

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