Preventing Utah Motorcycle Accidents this Summer

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Tips for preventing Utah motorcycle accidents in summer.

Motorcycle accidents are more prevalent during the summer months. It’s not surprising when you consider that summer is the ideal season for riding. The days are longer and the weather is often dryer than in other seasons. Our personal injury firm helps motorcycle accident victims and we are passionate about accident prevention. Here are some basic tips for preventing motorcycle accidents this summer.

Tips for Preventing Utah Motorcycle Accidents this Summer

1. Avoid riding while inebriated.

Everyone has heard that drinking and driving are dangerous. And most motorcyclists are well aware of the risks of riding under the influence. But when summer rolls around and the good times are in full swing, it can be easy to forget. We want to remind all of our readers that riding while under the influence of drugs and alcohol is extremely dangerous. Small mistakes matter more on a motorcycle – and you are far less protected than you would be in a car.

2. Focus on the road.

There has never been a time when riders were tempted with more distractions. Your phone is designed to tug at your attention constantly. Calls, texts, updates, and more are vying for your attention. You may also use a mapping app to get you where you are going – which keeps the phone in front of you and increases the risk of distractions.

The smart move is to put your phone in your pack and only take it out when you are parked. It’s the best way to prevent the device from distracting you. While you may know enough to avoid texting on your bike, even pop-up notifications are enough to draw your attention and put you in danger. Avoiding your phone is key to preventing Utah motorcycle accidents.

As for mapping, purchase a Garmin or other mapping tool that only provides maps and directions.

3. Don’t ride too fast.

It’s an unfortunate fact that speeding contributes to a large portion of motorcycle fatalities. Summer is particularly challenging because the conditions are often so perfect to cut loose. Try your best to avoid it, because going too fast could very well be the cause of a crippling or fatal accident. Also, pay attention to the road conditions and only go as fast as they allow. Just because there is no rain doesn’t mean there are no potholes and other obstacles.

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