How Hard is it to Get a Divorce in Utah?

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If you are considering divorce or know that you are going to get a divorce, it’s a good idea to learn as much as you can about the process. One of the first things we are often asked is, “How hard is it to get a divorce in Utah?” Our first answer is always, “It depends.” Divorces can be relatively simple, extremely complicated, or somewhere in between.

Is It Hard to Get a Divorce in Utah?

There are two main categories of divorce in Utah. How hard your divorce will be depends on which category you fall into.

1. Uncontested divorce – can be a simple process.

An uncontested divorce is a divorce where both spouses agree on all the terms of the divorce. You agree on how to divide your assets, who gets the house, who takes care of the kids, and every other thing you can think of. Some couples are divorcing amicably and can agree on all of these issues.

Because both spouses agree on everything, the divorce is mostly a matter of filing the right paperwork and drafting all the appropriate documents. By signing the appropriate documents and showing your agreements in writing, you can get the Utah courts to complete your divorce in a relatively short period of time.

Uncontested divorces are faster and much cheaper than contested divorces. As far as divorce in Utah goes, uncontested divorces are easier than contested divorces.

2. Contested divorce – unlikely to be simple or easy.

A contested divorce is one where spouses cannot come to an agreement on all the important factors. They might disagree on who gets the house, who raises the kids, or any other important issue. To get the courts to finalize the divorce, they must either reach an agreement on these issues or fight it out in court. If they fight it out in court, the final decision on the contested issues will be the court’s decision.

Depending on how many issues there are to resolve, contested divorces can take a long time to complete. The more time they take, the more the divorce cost.

We always encourage our divorce clients to strive for an uncontested divorce if at all possible. It’s much better for everyone if they can. Of course, if they can’t, we push hard for our client’s position and seek to achieve their goals.

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