Do Not Delay Your Case Due To COVID-19

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Do not delay your case due to covid-19

Does it make Sense to Wait?

Life can be complicated and busy.  It seems as if the current COVID-19 pandemic is causing disruption and delays in many areas of our daily lives.  We have been asked if it makes sense to wait to pursue or start a legal case while the impact of the coronavirus is so widespread.  Our Answer is an emphatic; NO!

Delaying addressing your legal needs is rarely likely to improve your outcome is much more likely to hurt your case.  Time is of the essence when preserving or gathering important evidence on legal matters. Whether you have an injury caused by the negligence of another, are considering a divorce, or have any other legal need, it is important to receive legal advice early and often in your matter.

Precautions in Place to Keep You Safe

We are taking appropriate safety precautions in our office and as explained in our last blog post, we are remote capable.  Life goes on and with life will inevitably come disputes or plans that need the attention of an attorney. Temporary restrictions on many activities in Utah are lifting. The Court calendar continues to fill up and getting your spot in line will be important.  Also, most cases have a Statute of Limitations to consider and an early start can help save your matter from being needlessly complicated.

Henriksen & Henriksen is a full-service law firm that can address a wide range of legal needs.  If we are not the right fit for your case, we likely have a contact in the legal field who would be.  Do not delay; call or email us about your matter today.

We can be reached anywhere

Henriksen Law can be reach throughout Utah – and the entire US. Please contact us by using our confidential online form or by phone at (801) 521-4145.