Avoiding Truck Accidents During the Holidays and Throughout the Year

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Semi Trucks Driving on snowy Utah highway

The holidays often involve a lot of travel for individuals and families – but it also means that semi-trucks are on the road more, too. All of the shopping that consumers do drains store shelves and those shelves need to be refilled. Truckers spend countless hours on the road bringing goods to stores for the holidays. With more semi-trucks on the road, it is important to be extra careful when driving to avoid a semi-truck accident.

Tips to Avoid a Truck Accident During the Holidays

1. Be aware of road conditions.

Winter driving conditions are some of the worst, particularly when you are driving in a state like Utah. Ice and snow are always a possibility and black ice can hide in plain sight. The road conditions that pose a challenge for you are the same for truckers. Trucks take longer to stop and maneuver. If you know that the road conditions are poor, give trucks extra room and try to keep your distance.

2. Remember how big the blind spots are for truckers.

Semi-trucks have large blind spots, which are places where the driver cannot see your car. The standard blind spots for a truck include 20 feet in front of the driver, two lanes on the right side, 30 feet behind and about half of the length of the truck on the left lane. You want to avoid being in any of these blind spots as much as possible – even more so when the road conditions are bad.

3. Keep space between you and the truck.

Trucks are so large that it takes them a long time to slow down. When they do move, they take up a lot of room and can damage anything in their path. It’s always a good idea to keep your distance because you never know what the truck might do. Even if the driver is driving correctly, there is still a chance they could be surprised and jerk the wheel in one direction or another or slam on their brakes.

4. Be even more defensive in your driving because truckers may be exhausted.

You know how hard it is to drive when you are tired. The same is true for driving a truck, only truckers can spend days behind the wheel. The holidays can make this problem worse because stores need goods as soon as possible. That means some truckers are going to be pushing themselves – or being pushed by their employers – more than is safe. When you are driving around a truck during the holidays, be diligent in your defensive driving. You have no way of knowing how safely the trucker will be driving or how erratic their behavior could be.

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