5 Reasons Why Couples Choose Divorce Mediation

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When you think of a divorce, you might picture a big, scary courtroom battle with two expensive lawyers and an intimidating judge deciding your fate.

The truth is, divorce cases do not have to be the knock-down, drag-out brawls people fear. Instead of fighting in court, you and your spouse can sit down with a mediation lawyer in Utah– a neutral third party trained to help you agree on things like your house, money, and kids.

Divorce mediation saves time, money, and stress. It lets you have a say in your divorce, instead of a judge making all the decisions. Not everyone will opt for mediation, but it could be a good choice if you and your spouse want to end things peacefully.

Why Do Utah Couples Go for Mediation?

Did you know mediated divorce cases cost 40-60% less than litigated ones? It’s worth thinking about if you want to handle your divorce calmly and keep more money in your pocket. Here are a few ways hiring a mediator in Utah can benefit couples.

1. Mediation Improves Communication

Mediation can help couples heal from the emotional damage of the divorce. Here, you and your spouse can openly discuss your problems in the presence of a neutral third person trained to help you work through your issues. This can lead to better problem-solving down the road, especially if you have kids together.

In fact, parents who use mediation often become better at co-parenting, which can keep them out of court later.

During litigation, you’ll use a Utah mediation attorney to communicate and work through disagreements. As effective as this might be, it doesn’t let you tackle the root cause of your disputes and move on. Worse, a judge might make a decision that doesn’t help either of you.
Mediation, however, lets you both have a say in the outcome, making life smoother for everyone involved.

2. Mediation Saves Money

Financial worries are a big part of getting a court divorce. It’s hard to predict how much you’ll spend since things like the judge’s schedule and dealing with a difficult opposing lawyer can drag things out. 

Even so, the average cost of a divorce is over $11,300 and the median is $7,000. Considering the average salary in the US is $59,384, that’s a big number. 

But with mediation, you just pay for the mediator and a few court fees. The costs are clear and you pay per session.  Plus, you lose less work. In Utah court divorces, you have to be there for every meeting, often on weekday mornings. Divorce mediation lets you pick more convenient times to meet. 

3. Mediation is Tailored to You

Divorce mediation is designed to address your specific needs. Unlike courtroom battles, where you’re often limited by a busy legal system, mediation gives you the chance to focus on what matters most to you. You and your Utah mediation attorney can spend all the time you need on important issues and shape the outcome of your case. 

A well-done mediation results in a settlement that benefits both parties. Because you get to decide on every detail of your divorce, you can make the agreement more thoughtful and comprehensive than a standard court-issued decision. 

Being actively involved in creating your own divorce agreement also leads to better stability after the divorce. When both people contribute to the settlement, they’re more likely to stick to it, thereby reducing the chances of future legal issues. 

4. Mediation Leads to a Quicker Resolution

Mediation often leads to a quicker resolution of divorce proceedings. In traditional court divorces, you might find yourself waiting for months or even years as your case slowly makes its way through an overloaded legal system. Court dates are scheduled around the court’s availability, not yours, and each legal hurdle takes time to clear. 

On the other hand, the Utah mediation process puts the timetable in your hands. Sessions can be set up according to what works best for both parties, without waiting for a court date. This means you can move through the issues more swiftly. 

Mediators in Utah are also trained to keep discussions on track and help everyone stay focused on solving problems. With this, you can avoid long arguments that can make court cases drag on forever.  

Mediation in divorce allows you to work through issues faster and more efficiently to save time. The faster you wrap up your divorce case, the quicker you can start a fresh chapter in your life. 

5. Mediation Offers Privacy

Another big benefit of divorce mediation for Utah couples is the privacy it offers. In a traditional court divorce, your issues and disagreements can become public records, meaning anyone curious can look up the details. That’s not ideal if you’re trying to keep things private or want to protect your identities. 

But mediation keeps everything between you and your spouse. The discussions and agreements you reach are confidential. This privacy can make it easier to speak openly about what you want and need from the settlement without worrying about who else might find out. 

Being able to speak freely without fear of public exposure often leads to a more honest, successful negotiation. Couples can address their differences directly and craft an agreement that truly reflects their needs and desires.  

When to NOT Choose Divorce Mediation

That said, divorce mediation is not the best path for everyone. Here are a few situations where it might not work. 

High Conflict: Mediation might be a struggle if there’s a lot of anger or distrust between the couple. 

Domestic Violence: If there’s a history of abuse, the power imbalance can make mediation unsafe. 

Hidden Assets: Divorce mediation might also not be effective if one spouse is hiding assets or not being honest about finances. 

Under such circumstances, you’ll need a judge and legal representation to protect your rights. It’s important to choose the path that keeps everyone safe and respected. 

The Bottom Line

Divorce mediation is a good choice for Utah couples looking to separate this year. Talking to a mediator early on can keep your divorce cordial and save you a lot of money in legal fees. 

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