5 Reasons to Hire a Utah Car Accident Attorney

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Car accident Utah attorney

After an accident, it can be difficult to focus on legal issues. You may be in pain, your car or truck is likely damaged, and you may be most worried about your medical bills or missing work due to your injuries. The last thing you may want to think about is hiring a Utah car accident lawyer. We understand. But we want to encourage you to consider it because you are more likely to get your needs met and get a positive outcome if you have experienced legal counsel on your side.

5 Reasons You Should You Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer in Utah

1. Insurance companies are unlikely to put your interests first.

Insurance companies are beholden to their stockholders to generate as much profit as possible. They do that by paying out as little as they can on claims. They may be friendly towards you and offer you want seems like a good deal, but be cautious. Make sure to speak with one of our attorneys before you agree to any settlement – because there’s a good chance we could get you a better result.

2. A skilled car accident lawyer knows how to prove liability.

You may be certain that the accident was the other driver’s fault. But you still have to prove that in your case. Our firm has a long history of successfully proving liability. We will investigate the accident thoroughly, including speaking to law enforcement and witnesses, and build the strongest case we can to prove liability.

3. Your claim is likely to be bigger with an attorney.

Every case is different, but generally a good attorney can get you a bigger claim following your accident. We have helped numerous clients throughout Utah with their car accident claims, so we understand how to value things like medical bills, missed work, future income, car repairs/replacement, and more.

4. Your lawyer can take care of the details so you can heal.

It is certainly important to get your case moving along – because the sooner you start, the sooner you can get the compensation you need and deserve. But it is also important to rest so you can heal. Once we take on your case, we will be the ones doing the heavy lifting. That means you can focus on you and your family.

5. You want the best possible outcome from your case.

Every auto accident case is different, which makes it impossible to say for certain how any case will turn out. What is certain is that your odds of getting a favorable outcome increase considerably when you hire a skilled lawyer. We can put our skills, experience, knowledge and connections to good use for you – and strive to get the best possible outcome from your case.

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