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Many aspects of family law can be difficult. With our personalized approach, we can make the process easier.

Divorce attorneys in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Ending a relationship, whether it lasted years or months, is never easy. Divorce cases often get more complicated when children are involved. As a leading divorce attorneys in Utah, we know this better than anyone else. Our skilled divorce lawyers are ready to help you every step of the way. We can help you with the following.

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Divorce Cases We Handle

A Difficult process we make easier

Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is difficult. Whether you have only a few assets or a large marital estate, you need an attorney who can represent your interests well. As a client going through a divorce, you receive the personal attention you deserve. At Henriksen Henriksen, our experienced attorneys realize that in every divorce you must take steps to protect your interests and those of your children. Although we always try to resolve each case without proceeding to trial, our experienced attorneys will represent you every step of the way to ensure that you receive a fair and equitable divorce.

When Children are Involved

Paternity Action

When a child is born, a parent may need to establish his/her legal rights, including custody, parent-time, and child support. The attorneys at Henriksen Henriksen can assist the father, mother, or a third party on behalf of the child, to seek a declaration of paternity to legally establish a parent-child relationship with the father and all of the rights and obligations associated with that declaration.

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Guardianship and Conservatorship

A legal guardian is a person who has the legal authority to care for the personal and property interests of another person. Usually, a person has the status of guardian because the ward is incapable of caring for his or her own interests due to infancy, minority, incapacity, or disability. Utah Courts have the power to appoint a guardian for an individual in need of special protection. A Conservator is a person appointed by a court to supervise the person’s financial affairs.

At Henriksen & Henriksen, we can assist you in determining the best option for you and assist you with the complicated legal process to obtain your goal.

Rights & Obligations between parents

Child Custody

Child custody refers to the rights and obligations between parents, regarding their children. There are two types of custody. Physical custody refers to the amount of time each parent is permitted physically with a child. This may be sole, primary, or joint custody. Legal custody refers to a parent's decision-making rights regarding a child's health, education, and welfare. It, too, may be sole, primary, or joint custody.

At Henriksen & Henriksen, we recognize that the parent-child relationship is of utmost importance and that you and your children’s best interests should be the focus. Henriksen & Henriksen has built its practice on helping parents do just that.

Financial care of your children

Child Support

Child support is the monthly payments made directly for the financial care of your children. At Henriksen & Henriksen, we believe that both parents need to properly provide for their children while still being able to remain on stable financial ground themselves. We will diligently work to ensure that child support is determined in an equitable way under Utah law.

Divorce circumstances can and do change

Modification of Divorce Decree

Often, circumstances change necessitating a modification of the Decree of Divorce. To modify the Decree you must show a substantial and material change of circumstances. Those circumstances may include dramatic changes in income, relocation, or issues relating to the proper care of minor children.

At Henriksen & Henriksen, we will ensure that, to the extent possible, our clients' goals are achieved in light of the new circumstances while preserving those rights provided for in prior decrees.

You can obtain protection

Protective Orders

In Utah, you can obtain protection from a current or former dating partner, a member of your household or someone with which you have a child.

At Henriksen & Henriksen, our attorneys will help you through the troublesome process and assure that you and your children are properly protected. If you believe a protective order is improperly filed against you, we can work to protect your rights and the relationship you have with your family and children.

We'll help enforce court orders

Contempt Proceedings - Order to Show Cause

A finding of contempt of court may result from a failure to obey a lawful order of a court. An action for contempt may be based on a final divorce decree, as well as on temporary orders that have been put in place during the proceedings.

At Henriksen & Henriksen, we will assist you in bringing to the court’s attention this behavior on the part of the opposing party.

Experienced adoption guidance


At Henriksen & Henriksen, we can assist you with the adoption process. Because the consequences of a termination/adoption are personal and almost always irreversible, the court proceeds with caution and requires strict adherence to the procedures, background checks, and other filings. The assistance of an attorney at Henriksen & Henriksen is, therefore, invaluable whether to assist an individual whose rights are sought to be terminated or to bring about the adoption for the hopeful parent.

Divorce and Family Law FAQs

There is not a one-size-fits-all solution here. A divorce lawyer will charge you depending on the type of divorce and the duration involved. Most lawyers will charge an hourly rate. But, some may charge a flat fee. Talk to an experienced divorce attorney before signing them up.

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