How to Maximize Your Utah Car Accident Settlement

Car accidents are extreme events. They can leave you with life-altering injuries. But that's no reason to accept a lowball offer from the insurance company. You should seek maximum compensation, and here's how.

The insurance company may offer you a quick settlement. Don't take it! It's a lowball offer. You can do much better with the help of an experienced car accident attorney. So, don't negotiate an offer without one.

Don’t Accept a Quick Settlement

Whether you are hurt or not, get yourself checked by a doctor. Injuries to the brain, spine, back, and neck can take days or weeks to develop symptoms. So, consult a doctor and focus on your full recovery.

Focus on Your Recovery

The insurance company is not your friend. Don't ever treat them like one! They will try to talk you into the lowest possible settlement. So, hire a competent Utah car accident lawyer before talking to them.

Don’t Treat Your Insurer Like a Friend

You must prove the driver’s negligence and the seriousness of your injuries. That's how you can maximize your compensation. So, from photographic the accident to recording your recovery, save the evidence at every stage.

Preserve Evidence

Stay off social media while you are settling your claim. Insurance companies can use your social media posts and photos as evidence to downplay your injuries and claim. And talk to your attorney when needed.

Avoid Social Media

A seasoned Utah car accident attorney knows how to get more from insurers. They will evaluate your case and come up with a figure you deserve. More importantly, your lawyer will leave no stone unturned to get it.

Consult a Utah Car Accident Attorney

Armed with these tips, you should be able to get the compensation you rightfully deserve.  At Henriksen & Henriksen,  our Car Accident Lawyers are well-experienced to guide you through the legal process.


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