Avoiding Utah Truck Accidents in Winter

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Avoid Utah truck accidents this winter

Given how dangerous trucking accidents in Utah can be, avoiding them is always important. Unfortunately, winter weather can make such accidents more likely. That is why we encourage our clients to be especially careful when driving each winter. Read on to learn some of the most important tips for avoiding Utah truck accidents Tips for Avoiding Utah Truck Accidents this … Read More

Tips to Avoid Utah Car Accidents this Winter

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Avoid Utah car accidents this winter

As a leading Utah car accident law firm, we have seen far too many people seriously hurt in winter car accidents. While Utah car accidents happen year-round, the winter driving conditions we get in our state make the holiday season especially hazardous at times. Here are some helpful tips to keep you and your loved ones safe on the road … Read More

Maximizing Your Utah Car Accident Settlement

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Maximize your Utah car accident settlement

Car accidents are extreme events that leave everyone involved dazed. The challenges only get more intense when you are injured, especially if your injuries are serious. That’s why it can often be tempting to accept a Utah car accident settlement from an insurance company. You just want to be done with the situation. But we think it is important that … Read More